2022 Monthly De-Clutter Discussions

Live 30-Minute Discussions on ZOOM

First Saturday of each month at 10 am

(Except January, which will be the second Saturday)
**Reminders are sent to those who request them**

We would like YOUR input!

Please text, email, or use Facebook Messenger to
suggest ideas and questions for the next Discussion.


The mission of the discussion group is to encourage each other in our efforts to de-clutter and simplify. The atmosphere is positive and helpful.  Everyone is invited to share ideas, challenges, and solutions.  We welcome all who are interested!  Contact me to receive an invitation.



In addition to live monthly meetings,

I offer a FREE Personalized

Program via text or email

YOUR plan is designed,

using the information YOU provide,

to help YOU reach YOUR goal!

The First Challenge:  Decide what YOU

would like to achieve by January 1, 2023.

Write it down, or make a Dream Board, or a Journal,
or another method to help YOU stay focused.

Then, contact me for the next step!

For more information, Call or Text: 419-306-6399
Email: Declutterwithdeb@yahoo.com
Website: DeclutterWithDeb.com
Facebook: De-Clutter with Deb