De-Clutter Discussions

Discussions 2023

Organized by Deb Harvitt, Clutter Consultant

This year, we will be holding in-person meetings at 50 North, 339 E Melrose Ave., Findlay OH

We will also continue hosting 30-minute Zoom calls the first Saturday of each month at 9am. Contact me for the link to join.

We meet in-person the first Tuesday of each month* at 10:00 am

The events are FREE to attend, but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by 50 North.

If you are a member, you may register online.  If you are not a member, register by calling 419-423-8496.

January 3 at 50 North, January 7 on Zoom: “Do I need it?”  Needs vs Wants

February 7 at 50 North, February 4 on Zoom: “Do I love it?”  Let’s enjoy our favorite things.

March 7 at 50 North, March 4 on Zoom: “Where will I put it?”  All about storage space.

April 4 at 50 North, April 1 on Zoom: “What can I do about all this Paper?”  

May 2 at 50 North, May 6 on Zoom: “What’s in the Attic” (Basement, Garage, Storage Unit)?

June 6 at 50 North, June 3 on Zoom: “What can I do with things I don’t want?

*July 11 at 50 North, July 1 on Zoom: Do you have a favorite Idea, Hint or Tip?

August 1 at 50 North, August 5 on Zoom: How much “stuff” is too much?

September 5 at 50 North, September 2 on Zoom: How do I Find Time for what’s Important?”

October 3 at 50 North, October 7 on Zoom: Why am I doing this?”  Is it because I have to, I want to, or I should?

November 7 at 50 North, November 4 on Zoom: ‘How can I stay on track?’  We’ll share suggestions for avoiding procrastination, making a plan, handling interruptions, and more.

December 5 at 50 North, December 2 on Zoom: What did you accomplish this year?  Please Share your story to inspire others!


The mission of this group is to encourage each other in our efforts to de-clutter and simplify.  The atmosphere is positive and helpful.  Everyone is invited to share ideas, challenges, and solutions. We welcome all who are interested!

For more information, Call or Text:  419-306-6399



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