Discussion Schedule

De-Clutter Discussion 2020

The first Saturday of each month at 10 am

Organized by Deb Harvitt, Clutter Consultant



with a video recap posted to Facebook


Contact me to receive an invitation

via email or text message.


May 2 – Wardrobe Management – Find something you haven’t worn in a long time

June 6 – Collections and Keepsakes – Display ideas, storage options and choices

July 4 – Ideas, Hints and Tips – Share something that is working well for you.

August 1– The Relationship between Clutter and Stress

September 5 – Overcoming Obstacles – Interruption, distraction, lack of motivation

October 3 – Holiday Planning – How to spend more time enjoying the season

November 7 – Just Do It! – Take the first step

December 5 – Success and Planning – Celebrating accomplishments & setting goals


The mission of this group is to encourage each other in our efforts to de-clutter
and simplify. The atmosphere is positive and helpful. Everyone is invited to
share ideas, challenges, and solutions. We welcome all who are interested!


For more information, Call or Text: 419-306-6399
Email: Declutterwithdeb@yahoo.com
Website: DeclutterWithDeb.com
Facebook: De-Clutter with Deb