BEFORE the owner of this garage contacted me, organizing cubes had been added to help clear the clutter. However, the situation had gotten out of control.


Garage AFTER
AFTER sorting and purging unwanted items, we eliminated the plastic cubes. Instead, we utilized the existing pegboard and shelves, which cleared the flat surface to be used as a work table.










Storage Building BEFORE
BEFORE I arrived, this client had a wonderful storage building to contain a large selection of books, artifacts, and teaching materials. Everything was being utilized, but the system for locating items when needed was no longer working.


Storage Building AFTER
AFTER we had shelves built from floor to ceiling along three sides of the building, we added free-standing shelf units  in aisles down the middle.  The center units were attached to each other for stability. All bins were labeled, and specific categories were stored together. We created a map and added inventory lists at the end of each aisle to make it easy to maintain the system.












Basement Before 1
BEFORE we began, this room in the basement had become a place to store (hide) things that were not often needed.


Basement After 1
AFTER purging unwanted items, we sorted the rest. Paperwork, holiday decorations, clothing and keepsakes were moved to their designated locations. This area is now a useful living space.